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[Transcriber's note: This is a letter from Lieut. H Baker of the Lancashire Fusiliers enclosing a record of his experiences in Strohen Prisoner of War Camp in Germany and his recollections of Australian soldiers he met in the camp and their attempts to escape.]

72, Coal Clough Lane,
Lancs. England.
17 December, 1919

Dear Sir,

I duly received your letter.
The enclosed are the particulars I had in mind when it was suggested to me that I should write you.
If you think they are of any use you are at liberty to use them, and as for payment I do not require it; you might if you feel so inclined send an acknowledgement to the typist who is doing the work.

Yours faithfully,

H. Baker

P.S. Another I recall was Lieut. Anthony A.I.F. who, disguised as a Tommy, went with a fatigue party to clean out the pigstyes outside the Lager at Strohen. He did not return, but hid amongst the straw etc. in the pigstye. He successfully got away but was recaptured close to the Frontier, whilst endeavouring to cross the river Ems by a bridge.


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