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We didn't have much time to think of these things. The Third Batt. went ashore first, but we soon followed. The Landing was very dangerous here, the enemy's shells began to take effect & several of our fellows were wounded before we got near the shore. We had to wade ashore from small boats & form up just clear of the beach. Several more of our chaps were hit with bits of schrapnel & spent bullets. We then started up the Mountain with full pack on, but it didn't stay there long, we had to throw them away and trust to luck if we should ever see them again. Then it was go, the Turks had retreated a couple of miles in front of a Bayonet Charge delivered by the 3rd Brigade who were the covering party to our landing. We saw numbers of Dead & wounded lying about but had no time to give them a second thought, as we had enough to do to look after ourselves. The Turks had the bushes mined in the valley & we never knew the moment he would start on an upward journey. After safely negotiating the valley with very few casualties, we resumed our advance up the next Mountain (Sarabi). Along the top of this Mountain the Turks had dug trenches, with a view no doubt of checking our advance but in there hurry to get away from the bayonet they didn't occupy them but kept going for another couple of miles. Owing to the big odds against us, fully 10 to 1, we couldn't follow them any further but had to content ourselves with holding the land we had taken, no easy task I assure you. No. 15 Platoon with Leut. Barton in Command took up a position known as the saddle & the 50 of us held it all day Sunday until 10 p.m.

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