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Tuesday 20th, Ashore again today. We had a lovely route March, about 10 miles, haversack & water bottle only. We had a rough Passage back to Derfflinger.

Wednesday 21st, a wet miserable day, there was a lot of manouvering with the Warships today, the Queen Elizabeth left port this afternoon.

Wednesday 22nd, Fine Night but dull again this morning. Several Destroyers passed today loaded with troops.

Friday 23rd, Several Warships & Transports left. Today we are all ready to follow.

Saturday 24th, We left our anchorage in Mudros Bay at 6 a.m., but after about 2 hours sail came to anchor again on other side of the Island. We are right opposite the Entrance to the Dardenelles & can see the Headlands clearly.

Sunday 25th
We woke this morning to find ourselves off the coast of Turkey. We could hear the guns booming ahead, but on account of heavy mist could not see anything until we were nearly at our destination. The noise by this time was terrific, it was war with a vengeance. One of the first things that caught the eye was a big building standing on one of the headlands, two minutes after there was nothing left but a smoldering heap of ruins. There were six British Battleships bombarding this particular part of the coast. The Enemy's shells were falling everywhere, but doing little damage. We had just come to anchor when two destroyers came alongside & then we saw the first blood. There were three dead Australians lying on the deck of one of them & a heap of Equipment covered with blood. One of the Naval Officers also had his cheek cut open with a shrapnel pellet, but he was still at his post.

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