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too late. Enemy have spotted us, and are firing Shrapnel on us. Ordered to advance as fast as possible. 2nd. Battalion to reinforce N.L. [N.Z.?] on extreme left. Off we go, Colonel Braund in the lead, Sid Cain and myself next, have about half a mile to go then a 500 feet climb up a fairly steep sandy slope, snipers potting us all the way, reach cliff, and start to climb (sheep track) in a single file, half way up track took a bend towards enemy, then straight up parallel with enemy lines (not aware of this till later) after getting fairly well up enemy open fire on us with machine guns. Order to take cover, we get down flat on our faces, must have lain there half an hour, Bullets spattering all round us like rain. Jimmy McEwan killed alongside of me, shot through the head, one missed Murray's head and hit my boot, others hitting that close that the dirt flies all over you, the sensation very queer, all of thoughts running through your head. Order comes from behind find out if the Colonel still in lead. I have to crawl about 20 yards to find out, case of have to, noise of battle too great for Colonel to hear me from where I was. Not close shaves though reach Colonel, he gives orders for men to get over side of cliff, men getting hit all round now, young McColl hit. I just manage to grab him and pull him over our side, otherwise he would have rolled over the opposite side where he could have been riddled with bullets, left him with George Hitmead. Follow the Colonel on the ridge and open fire on the enemy, we advance a bit and try to help N.Z. on our right, can't do it, only the Colonel and those of us left, Sid Cain, Carter and myself. The Colonel very brave. I did not go pots on him before but would follow him anywhere now. As darkness fell we crept to the N.Z. Colonel takes command. Carter missing. Enemy attacking very strong, our men mowing them down (as a Turk gets hit he lets out a mournful howl of Allah, Allah, Allah and judging by the noise they make you would think that the whole of the population of Turkey was wounded). We now start digging ourselves in. Colonel sends back word of reinforcements. Colonel gives order to retire. We do so, carrying our wounded and ammunitions with us. Half way down we meet N.Z. Reinforcements, so we turn about and start to climb up again, and take up our old position, and start digging decent trenches (a terrible night) they came up again and again, they would blow bugles at one part (the charge and all others all our own calls. One did not know whether they were our own men or not until we were told. Whilst they charged at another part, spies in our trenches giving us false orders to retire and don't fire, they are our own men.

About 4 a.m. I start stretcher bearers and carrying ammunition and water to firing line at about 11 a.m. I return to Mjr. Bourke, who is in command of 2 Coys. (B and C Coy) 2nd Battalion, and some N.Z. who are holding ridge on the left flank, they have dug trenches, but not deep enough, so they are still digging. I am now acting as messenger between Major Bourke and Colonel Braund, pretty risky, but don't feel afraid, have got over my nervousness. Snipers potting at me from all directions, some snipers in the bushes on the ridge behind us, but can't locate them. Mjr. Bourke asks me to get a party of men and locate snipers. I pick Cain, Armstrong, Marwick, Holland, Miller and put them out.

I have some bully beef and Biscuits. Still acting messenger, at dark I am picked to go out on patrol.

We go about half a mile, and do our post, towards daylight we come in, hear Gordon and Kelly killed, Scobie Watson, Hugh, Tarrant wounded, also that English have landed further down (good news puts more life into us) great bustle expect something doing shortly. Capt. Con Cannan and C. Coy. ordered to the front firing line. N.Z. takes up position left by C. Coy, heavy fighting going on. I am running line

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