Item 01: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 19 December 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 276

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October, 1915
Monday 4
This is my average day –
BreakFast 8 a.m.
Medical Officers inspection 9 a.m. thigh dressed, arm carbuncle ditto
10 A.m. Sulphur Bath 38 degrees for 25 minutes by Sand glass
11 Return Hospital in one of many gift Ambulances which are in daily use all over here –
1 Lunch
2 p.m. Write letters, read, go sleep as an extra, got a tooth filled.
4 p.m. Dressings
6 "      Massage
7 Dinner.
With various trips to the Frenchman for a POT of Beer this being a prohibition establishment & we don't all follow the King in that way – tho' no intemperance.

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