Item 01: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 19 December 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 315

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[Page 315]

November, 1915
Wednesday 24
These men's ideas of [indecipherable] & Tea are getting sadly perverted – "Commandeering" it is called but will they ever allow a Wagon load of Shearing Support
to stand bogged for a day say when the war is over without sampling the Tobaco.etc??

From 8 p.m. tonight for 48 hours we are not going to fire a shot or use a Bomb, "pour encourage les autres" in the idea that we are evacuating.
It is very still in consequence & brother Turk must be wondering what new stunt is on – I can even hear the Ships Bells ringing out the Watches on the Hospital ships –

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