Item 03: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 1 January-31 December 1917 - Page 5

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Thursday, 4 January 1917

[This paragraph crossed through.] Dorothy does not sing or play but she can SKATE, DANCE, & play HOCKEY, eat, never sick, & is as strong as a horse quite ready to come into the Bush with me, she is not too happy at home I am afraid Father & Mother don't get on well together. Of course she will love you little Mother & it will be a great day when I come home!!! Just wrote some letters.

It is still cold wet & raining. 2 Scotchmen dug themselves a Bivy in the sand and last night it fell in & smothered one, the other is in Hospital. We expect to go on a stunt tonight again – it will be cold, but no mud & am very fit & well.

Jim is thin but well - & we talked HAY till late.

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