Item 03: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 1 January-31 December 1917 - Page 33

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Thursday 1 February 1917

Just took my Squadron to Rail-Head to be DELOUSED - !! "Modus operandi" – Engine supplies steam to closed in van into which each man's clothes & Blankets are put he meanwhile going through a DIP –

[The following sentence crossed through]
It would do some of those sheep owners who won't dip their LOUSY sheep to come here & be dipped themselves.

Khamsin still blowing.

Reported enemy with their machine guns from planes on Yeomanry at EL BURG last night – I found several copper bullets & shrapnel around our Bivies after last visit. Jim Ayre just read me a lot of HAY letters with much news of the River & Riverina.

Still Bandaged up like a sore finger – pampering my neck as BAINS FATHER would say

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