Item 03: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 1 January-31 December 1917 - Page 201

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Saturday 4 August 1917

No. 14 A.G.H. Very Hot in Cairo but good for lungs, no DEW or FOG.

Am enjoying clean beds & Baths etc., tho' feel a bit of a SCRIMSHANKER not sick enough for a Hospital one meets so many malingerers.

SLEEP is the great thing that I excel at.

Old "Ally" the Native in charge of Officers Mess remembered me coming in on a Stretcher before, but very few of the old No. 3 staff are here, all in France. Colonel Blackburn is my M.O. he was locum for Bronowski in HAY years ago. As for the Sisters, we all love being "managed" & spoilt a bit, all part of the cure.

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