Item 05: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 1 January - 5 April 1919 - Page 64

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[Page 64]

Wednesday 5 March 1919
Busy buying games – Concertina, Banjo, Picolo, Tucker etc. for voyage. Very cold & wet for a wonder in Cairo – Dolly & Babe well.
Had lunch at Shepheards with former costs 150 pt. equal to £1:10:- for a meal!! I bought bought ½ lb. ham for Dolly, it costs 8/-s, eight shillings a pound!!!
While on Tucker, will you get a ham cooked at Jagos also fowls & ducks say twice a week when you want them cold & leave the bill for me, if Dolly goes first. I don't want Joe to go to any expense for her in any way & as she now thinks another Babe is coming – naturally the Mother must eat more.

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