Item 04: Sydney B. Young war diary, 15 April-19 September 1917 - Page 46

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Travelling Kitchen

Consists 2 parts. cooker & limber
                         Limber:- 4 asbestos lined chambers for which to place in boilers from cooker when food is cooked Same heat 24 hours and almost Boil P. 8 hours. also contains cupboard which when opened out flat forms preparing table or cutting up board – it is fitted with 4 pull out boxes – 2 sugar 1 for tea, 1 wood lined for salt. 2 iron lockers for [indecipherable] & open under cupboard 4 frying pans fitted to side 2 on each side Will fit in place of boilers. 2 grease boxes strapped to body & Leather wallet for tools on front cupboard only avail. means for keeping stores. Whole fitted

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