Item 06: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 16 August-22 November 1916 - Page 86

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Tues 17th
Another party from this Regt went in to Sidi Bishr this morning & no more is to go but about 50 men who have not gone to Sidi Bishr will be able to get leave to go to Port Said Went for a swim in the Canal this morning & did some washing, a launch coming up the Canal with some speed up brought a wave or two along that broke well up the stone sides of the canal & a good many lads who were too low to get their clothes away from the edge had to swim about collecting them after they had gone; Soon after dinner today the Brigade lined along the road & Chauvel drove by in a motor, we cheered him off. he is going to England on 6 months furlough.

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