Item 08: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 January-28 April 1917 - Page 36

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lucks way; The Sigs are getting a good deal of work now, & it will be heavy when 5 of us are away; A few reinforcements arrive ed for us this evening including one Sig; Frost & Leask are going in at 8 oclock tomorrow to go on leave; Frost's Commission is expected at anytime.

Wed 21st.
I went in to El Abd with the men going on leave today & were in there at 10 oclock; had dinner with Tancred, Poile, McKeown,& Frost. The men going on leave caught a train leaving Abd at 12.30 & as their leave does not commence till tomorrow morning they are getting "Backsheesh" as they will get to Cairo some

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