Burgis war diary, 26 June - 29 October 1915 / Frederick Carrington Burgis - Page 38

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still close to the African Coast in beautiful weather. At 8.15 [?] we had a fine view of the Atlas mountains, some of the highest peaks seemingly reached to the clouds.

Oct. 24th. We are close to the coast of Spain. The country is mountainous, but our view is limited owing to a thick haze. At 1.25 p.m. we anchored off the Rock of Gibraltar for an hour. This fortress is said to be mounted with 300 guns the smallest being a 4.7 inch. Opposite Gibraltar and plainly visible is the town of Tangier, between that place and Bizerta being Algiers and Oran. 4.55 we have now entered the Atlantic Ocean.

Oct. 25th. We are just

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