Burgis war diary, 26 June - 29 October 1915 / Frederick Carrington Burgis - Page 36

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Oct. 21st. We passed Zyra at 1 p.m. today, also a destroyer patrolling in the vicinity. At 4 p.m. 22nd we passed Sicily close in to shore, but owing to a thick haze can't distinguish many landmarks. Today 23rd we passed close to the African Coast. At 7.40 a.m. a man jumped overboard. One of our men that saw him go, dived over also, although we were steaming 21 knots. By the time the steamer hove to, and boats had reached the would be rescuer, he had been in the water nearly 30 minutes, but had failed to find the first man that had jumped over in an attack of delirium.

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