Burgis war diary, 26 June - 29 October 1915 / Frederick Carrington Burgis - Page 3

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[Transcriber's note: Burgis gives brief details of the voyage to Suez where he disembarked and travelled by train to Cairo. He describes his training and his time exploring the sights of Cairo. He arrives in Gallipoli some time after 21 August and gives very graphic descriptions of the fighting taking place. He was sent to England with shell shock in October 1915 and his diary concludes on arrival in Fulham Hospital, Hammersmith. He returned to Australia in March 1917.]
Private F.C. Burgis
D Coy 20th Battn.
5th Brigade

Mrs. L.P. Burgis
Rocky Point Rd.
near Sydney

In the event of this book being lost, would the finder kindly forward to my mother, at above address.


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