King war diary, 8 May-21 September 1915 / Henry Aubrey King - Page 7

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May 15 At 2 am our sqdn takes Turks trenches, but party detailed to fill them in cant get over, so we return at dawn. Knocked over by a bomb in this event but nothing serious. Very few answer roll call.
      16 Spend day in dug out.
      17 Quiet day.
      18 Trench digging. New kind of shell arrives & tears the scenery about.
      19 Turks attack Popes, Quinns & Courtneys at daybreak.
      Repulsed everywhere.
      20 Fifth attack within 2 ½ hours occurs at 12.15 am. Hell of a row but no luck for the Unspeakable. Armistice for about 1 hour in the afternoon.
      21 Very heavy firing in the morning.
      22 & 23 Quiet. Rain (23)
      24 Armistice from 7.30 am till 4.30 pm. Turkish losses in last attacks estimated at 10,000.

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