Item 01: Sydney B. Young war diary, 13 May-24 July 1916 - Page 153

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The North Sea Battle
June 1st 1916

A lot of German dreadnoughts came a steaming from the Keil
Relying on their Majesty & might
To frighten any merchantmen the darkness might conceal
They thought that they could put them all to flight

But some of Britain's Cruisers were a cruising round the sea
They fastened like a bulldog to a tramp
And though they lost some chips they played hell among the Ships
And lots of German dreadnoughts left their stamp

They pommelled at each other and our cruisers held their own
'Gainst German's High Sea Fleet so proud and bold
But though our boys were up against the best the Germans had
They strove the old traditions to uphold

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