Draft of a letter received by Lord Grenville from Banks, 29February 1791 (Series 60.04) - No. 0001

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S. S. Feb 29 1791

My Lord

Enclosd your Lordship will receive the opinions you did me the honour to require of me Concerning the mode of Carrying on the Survey of the N W Coast with as much [of be] in the most speedy &  effectual manner  consistent as well as  with the degree of accuracy  required in an undertaking intended  with as much dispatch as is Consistent with the degree of accuracy required to be made  of a general nature
to which these I have added General instructions for Surveyors which I trust will be Found  are intended to Point out the readiest and most effectual  modes of doing the work Facilitate the work as well and also to secure to Government what they always ought to be posessd of  a series of proofs of the degree of accuracy  with which it has been carried on  done to which they may at any future time refer

The Temptation of Substituting Conjecture for fact in Laying down  the Shores of on unknown Country is so great especialy in Ports which   at times when from the circumstances of winds & weather it  may be   is difficult to approach near to the Land at a Particular Period   that I doubt whether any Surveyor has Ever Wholly  resisted it man ought to be Trusted  without a check at &  in the Present case as Every inch of   creek on the the Coast will be repeatedly examind for the purpose of  by those employed in the Collecting [ferns?] &  as  those who undertake so   the men   the merchants  in consequence of the distance & danger of the  voyage find it necessary to make Horeto Employ men acquainted with a large Share of the Elements

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