Series 24: Correspondence and newscuttings concerning the prisoner Mary Rose, 1788-1789

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Provenance Note

The documents in this series were previously located first at ML Ab 67 and then at ML MSS 743/3. They were acquired for the Mitchell Library from the dealer Halliday in 1937. They include the original folio numbers assigned by Banks, written in ink in an unknown hand in the top right hand corner.

Background Note

Mary Rose, approximately 16 years of age, had been convicted on charges of theft in 1787 and committed to Lincoln Castle Gaol. At the end of 1788 Sir Joseph Banks took an interest in her case. Consequently she was removed from gaol in Lincolnshire, to London for embarkation on the Second Fleet transport Lady Juliana. She arrived in New South Wales in June 1790. Banks described his interest in Rose's situation as a gesture of 'mere humanity'. Subjects: Rose, Mary, ca 1769-ca 1832

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