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& just waiting for the day of the reunion.

I must apologise for not acknowledging the receipt of the "treasure" before, but I was exceptionally busy on the Monday & somewhat harassed. We were trying to squeeze 2lbs into 1lb space. My people were urging me to sail as soon as possible, if not before, & I was tearing between the Office & ship rushing  the stevedores attending shipping office, tactfully squaring  differences with the crew, & trying to please everybody with  the main object of pleasing my employers representative in getting away from the wharf & we managed after a struggle to leave at 7pm  with some of the Sydney cargo remaining on board.

Oh these days of Rush. I look back on the days when I first came out here 1885 in the old Sailing ship. Then we made fast to the wharf & discharged our cargo without the rush we have now   Good old days those. No motors No telephones no rushing.  Why its amazing when you come to think that in the Police reports in the papers of those days you saw reports of the old push bike being heavily fined for "furious [riding?]" & how the people raised their hands in horror at the wickedness

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