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March 17 Sunday
Down on the stretcher at 9 a.m. waiting for the evac to U.K. I do feel such a fraud – still what can I do – do as youre told in the Military. 12.30 – Left Boulogne 12.30 for Dover - two Hosp Ships & 2 leave boats are escorted over.
Really its just it travelling as a stretcher case. No bother – no tips – just lie back and enjoy it. At London the St John's Amb people look after you well – carry the stretchers etc. A lady came with us to the Hsp – took our particulars – Crowds of people were at the Station to welcome the boys back – Cigs were thrown into our Ambulance – arrived at Southwell gardens 8.30 p.m. Hip hip hip hurrah to be in a Hospital of our own.

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