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The young Panrucker is about 5 feet 6 inches high, of an agreeable shape, of a very strong make, and excellently healthy constitution.  He has been used to keep books of accounts in his father's trade, and served to him as a skillful shop-man.  The inclosed is a specimen of his hand-writing.  He is sober, prudent and steady, of a quiet and obedient temper. In short his morals are in every consideration not only blameless, but highly recommendable.  For all this, Dr. Gruber can vouch his word and honour, as he has known the young man from an infant up to this day.

The Right honourable Sir Joseph Banks is therefore humbly requested to procure to this good lad, if there is any possibility, a place in the above mentioned ship.  Every good success is expected from Sir Joseph's powerful assistance and protection.

The only difficulty is, in what capacity this young man may be engaged.  But this is entirely left to the Right honourable Sir Joseph Banks's wisdom, discretion, and perfect acquaintance with the nature of this voyage, and the places or services which it might demand.  The young man (so ardent are his wishes) offers to go even as a servant to one of the Gentlemen belonging to that vessel.  He certainly is deserving a better situation.  And this is mentioned by Gruber only to shew that he may be engaged by Government at a very cheap rate; at the same time that his skill and constitution may be rendered very serviceable and usefull in a voyage, combined with hardships and dangers as this doubtless will be.

If permitted, Father Panrucker and Son will personally wait on Sir Joseph, and humbly request his humane and generous interference in favour of the young lad.  Such favour granted will be a great blessing to the whole of Mr. Panrucker's family,

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