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to utter this praise in the presence of [in the original French text "one of the brilliant generals and of"] the most valient troops of the British Army.

For us Ladies and Gentlemen, what historical memories are recalled to us by this patriotic manifestation! It will occupy place in the history of Picquigny after that of [in original French text "29th] August, 1475, when King Edward IV of England and the King of France, Louis XI met at Picquigny to sign the treaty of peace [in the original French text "called the 'Treaty of Commerce' "] which was in reality the recommencement of commercial relations with England after the 100 Years' War.

The reunion today presents another character: it is to honor the heroes of the two nations who have fought together for over four years for Right, Justice and Liberty.

To those heroes we owe special gratitude. It is to them, it is to you, my General, to you, soldiers of the British Army, above all Australian Soldiers, that we extend at this moment our most grateful and warmest thanks.

You have saved for us our beautiful city of Amiens, with its superb Cathedral, one of the joys of the world.

It is to you that we owe, we people of Picquigny, and of all this country, our not having been obliged to flee from our homes, to abandon our ancient historical souvenirs so interesting and so beloved. We shall never be able to do too much for you in witness of our gratitude

We know your powers prowess, Australian soldiers, we had have [sic] for twelve days, one of your brilliant conquests, the Bertha that bombarded Amiens. It told afterwards to Paris your glorious exploits; it now relates them to London.

Thanks to you, Valiant Liberators of our Picardy soil. We shall never forget what the Australian troops are, who, aided by American and French troops, snatched our darling country from the cruel hands of a barbarous and inhuman enemy; but in what condition, Great God!

We salute here all the heroes who have found death on the terrible fields of battle, especially those buried in our cemeteries, and of whom we have the glorious guardianship.

Ah! Ladies and Gentlemen, On this All Saints' Day, and for this ceremony which reunites us it seems to me that the heavens open are half opened and as formerly that even as did St John in the Apocalypse, whom our enchanted eyes behold "those who were marked on the forehead servants of God" and who form an immense crowd of all nations, of all tribes, of all peoples and of all tongues.

They have fought the good fight. They have the reward of valient soldiers

For more than four years we have followed them striving; but for four months we have just followed breathless, enthusiastic, over the rough but glorious field of victory the irresistible push and continuous advance of all the allied soldiers. Forward, [in original French text, "Those who were marked on the forehead" referring back to the earlier quote] Champions: of Right of Justice of Liberty and of Christian civilisation by the King Eternal, Sovereign Master of events, they form an immense army of all nations, all tribes, all peoples and all tongues.

For these heroes who have fought and are still fighting the good fights of a just and equitable God against the haughty hosts of the "Old God" of "Kultur" from beyond the Rhine, there is being prepared triumphant ovations the joyous echoes of which will resound throughout the world.

Yes, on the day of the victorious peace, the bright dawn of which is already breaking, we all, who have faith in "Those who rein [In original French text "He who reigns"] in the heavens" and "who will restore all empires" as said our great Bossout [in original French text "Bossuet"], we will thank the God of Armies for having given light to the leaders, courage to the soldiers, confidence and tenacity to all.

We shall sound the praises with transports of gratitude and a patriotic [prian? original French text "pride"] of all the heroes whose labour, blood or tears have brought about deliverance.

Our banners which shall float on high will not then 

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