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A List of Stationary articles delivd. to Capt. Broughton
26th Febry 1791

x Medm folio Books
x An observation Book
x 6 Demy fo Books covd. m Paper
x 6 Marble Covers
x 12 Demy [do] Memdm bks covd MPaper
x ½ Rm Thick fo post
x ½  ---   F. Cap
x ½ ---    Thick post qto gilt
x 3 quires fo Copy
x 2   ------   Blotting
x 1 Ream Cartridge
-- 6 qres Sfine   do
x 12 Papers black Ink powder
x 6    -------   red        Do.
x 6 doz. Black Lead pencils
x 300 Pens
-- 6 Penknives
x A Large India Rubber
x 1 Lb Sealg wax
x 2 Boxes Wafers
x 5 qres Sfine Royal
x 5 --------------  Imperial
x A Large port Folio
-- A Black Ebony Pambour Inkstand
x Nautical almanacks with requisite Tables 
-- Cook's Third Voyage
x 6 qres Sfine wove Elephant
x 2 --------------  Antiquarian
  A Ream Lumber Hand
2 pairs Scissars


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