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Dear Sir,

I believe my Brother told you that the Bookseller by no means approved of the Title which you was so good as to give me & which I thought a very excellent one & fully descriptive of the intention of the work. Their objections were that it was not capable of abridgment & that a short title was necessary by which the book might be enquired for; and that its being called "researches handy to illustrate &c" savourd too much of an imperfect works & might prejudice the sale.  Since this title (in deference to such great authority) has been laid aside a dozen at least have been suggested & condemned - it being extremely difficult to find a short title especially in English wh. [which] shall be comprehensive.  The shortest we have found is "A circuit of 12 miles about London," which I own I am not quite pleased with, I don't think it sounds well.  Supposing a Latin Title to be admissable I think the best that has been suggested is "Vicinia Londinensis" as being most classical & approaching so near to English as to be generally intelligible.  Supposing this to be adopted there will be another query whether to explain it by "an historical account of the parishes within 12 miles of London" or "an historical account of that part of the counties of Surrey, Middlesex, Hertford, Essex & Kent which lies within 12 miles of London."  Most people which I have consulted seem to think it necessary to add "interspersed with Geographical anecdotes."

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