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our small arms, the Providence about a mile astern of us by her fire drove off several large canoes that were bearing down to assist the party that had attacked the Assistant, we then proceeded on our south heading ahead of the Providence in a very narrow and dangerous navigation and made our passage through without our touching the ground and arrived at Timor in good health and the ships in good order, here we received every attention that the Governor could show us - the plants in the few days we remained improved amazingly-

We had hopes of sailing from Jamaica about the middle of this month but in consequence of the news of war we are detained by the Commandant [Commander?], and Captain Bligh is of the opinion that we are to wait and sail with the first convoy which its thought will sail the latter end of May or early in June, in the mean time I hope Good Sir you will make use of your influence to get me promoted to the rank of  Master and Commander. I pray for your health and shall ever remain your obedient and

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