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Half the Number of each sort, particulary the Fruits and useful Plants are delivered to the care of Dr. Anderson, the Botanic Gardener, according to your Orders, but we have selected a few of each (where they could be spared with propriety) for his Majesties Botanic Garden at Kew, besides making a small Allowance for Losses at sea – 

The following is a List of the Plants landed here,

Otaheite [Tahiti]
331 Breadfruit
40 Rattahs
38 Ayyahs
9 Avees
7 Ettows
3 Mattee
7 Peeah
4 Cocoa nutts

439 Total from Otaheite

2Breadfruit, (sterile)
10 Jambolan
5 Jamboo armarrah
9    -         marric
2 Bimbling
3 Cherimalah
1 Carembola
3 Lemon China
2 long Pepper
2 black do. [ditto]
4 Beetlenut
2 Cosambee
3 Bughna-kanana
1 Dangreedah
40 Nanka
15 Mango

104 Total from Timor 

St. Helena
3 Plantains
2 Almonds
5 Coffee

10 Total from St. Helena

2 raised from Seed procured at Isle H in Endeavour - Streights [Torres Straits]
1 Guavah
3 Oraiahs of Otaheite, not mentioned in the List

6 Total

559 Plants left at St. Vincent to the care of Dr. Anderson, besides Seeds of the Rattah, Avee, Ettow, Tootosse, Peeah, two sorts of Mountain Rice and Cutting of different Plants where the individual could not be spared —



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