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probably for good. Do you remember Major Heron of the 42nd (used to be Capt Heron when they left Queensland) well he took over the 41st when I left it, and as far as I know still has command, with Major Sheridan as second in command. Your favourite (Capt French) was still "going strong" when I left and was in command of "C" Coy. He is still a great ladykiller(?) in fact he had the chance of 10 days leave to Paris just before I went there, but wouldn't take it, but he was keen on getting leave to England.. "Hastings" I guess, eh? By jove Paris was great, it is "some" place, I can tell you, and don't the women dress, it isn't so much what they put on, but the way they wear it. It is by a long way the prettiest City I've seen & I don't think London can hold a candle to it. London may be larger but I don't think it is nearly so pretty.

Well how is your Patriotic work getting on these days? I suppose you are as busy as ever, and as hard worked as ever in the interests of "The Boys". Really you girls deserve the D.S.O. for all your splendid services. Do you know that the first suit of pyjamas I put on when I got into this Hosp was labelled from "the Brisbane Courier Fund" funny isn't it? It shows how far reaching are the results of various Colonial efforts. Well I'm off to bed now, will probably be leaving for Australia in a day or two. Kindest regards to Mollie & yourself. Hoping to see you later on U boats permitting. Yours very sincerely F.J. Board

[Transcribed by Lynne Frizell for the State Library of New South Wales]

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