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[Transcriber's notes:
This diary covers the latter stages of Walter Wright's time in the army. Wright was a signaller and he describes his time at the front repairing the telephone lines and the awful conditions encountered – weather, mud, shooting and bombings. He is then wounded (which he is quite pleased about) and hospitalised and he then suffers from a skin infection (which he describes as boils) as a result of which he is repatriated. He describes with some humour, the conditions in hospital in France. The diary ends on 23 March 1917, when he is told that he will be sent to England. His war record shows that he was awarded the Military Medal on 22/2/17 (not mentioned in the diary) and leaves England for Australia on 10.1.18 and is discharged 17.4.18. The reason for his early discharge is the skin infection furunculosis ]

H.Q. SIG 1662
Walter V. Wright
4th Btn
1st Bde

Sketch, possibly a map of the battle area with the letters representing the troup positions, the signals and the terrain]

In case of death please despatch to
Miss L. A. Wright
Myall St

Current Status: