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Here we were formed in parties for various states and on 27th entrained for the South. We are to go via Italy so we should see some fine scenery.
Left Bray Sur Somme at 8 am
Arr. Amiens 1.4pm
St Omen en Chausse 4.45pm
Beauvois 8.30
Neru 7pm
Perron Beaumont 7.45pm
Melun 28/9/18 7am
Champagne Sur Sune 8.25
Montreau 9. 10
Champagne Sur Yonne 10.5
Cexy 11.5
Inighy 11.15
La Roche Yonne 12.30pm
St Florentein Vergigne 1.50pm
Tonnerre 2.25

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