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the harbour we went by a 100 or more troopships. We were proceeded by a troopship & followed by the "Clan Macgillivery". Heaps of fellows gone sick although the sea is very calm. It is also very blue. Came in very cold.

9th April Friday 1915

Been in the hold aft shifting railway sleepers in order to get to some boxes of ammunition.

9 10 April Saturday 1915

Islands just visible on both sides of us at reveille. 200 rnds. of ammunition served out per man. Passed isles all day.

10 11th April Sunday 1915

6 a.m. sailed up between hilly country. Water about as wide as the Humber. At 8 a.m. anchored after passing heaps of battleships & transports. 3 or 4 transports arrived just ahead of us. Cool weather.

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