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[Page 277]


Receiving Ship: [indecipherable]

Transmitting Ship: T28

Date: 12 9 4

Time of despatch or receipt: 4 25

Comdr Beresford to Brigadier

The wireless engineer estimates that it would take 4 months to erect iron towers. Lieut. Bond reports 3 of his men wounded whom I am sending down to the Beach for transport to the Ship.

My men are somewhat exhausted & I shall require provisions and water today.

I shall send what provisions & water I have to the WT station at daylight & await your instructions as to whether I am still to hold the station.

I have received a communication from Colonel Watson which states that he will junction with me on the Kabakaul Road leaving his present position. At Herbertshohe at 5 am today one of the wounded above referred to has succumbed  Time received 2.45 a  0425 

Current Status: