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list which from the Information I have receiv'd of the Losses annually sustain'd may nevertheless be acceptable. Of some of the more choice Plants I have not satisfied to Duplicates merely but several of the same kind to guard against the Contingency of Loss I have besides another Reason for this -  Mr. Forsyth at Kensington to whom I am under Obligations, has requested I would favour him for these same Plants and I hope that out of the Number of those of the same kind there may be some to spare for him or for any of your other Friends particularly Mr. Holesworth of the Pay Office, whose Sollicitations I should be glad on any Occasiion  to comply with. The Large Plants in the Tubs were put up to your own Request, but as the whole Collection is sent to yr. Address I did think it necessary to number them distinctly - Being so much confin'd by Time & having many other Concerns to attend to, I recommended it to the Committee to request the Assistance of Dr. Broughham 

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