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Victoria Street, still cogitating how to put in these most precious hours of freedom. Wondering wither to wend our way? This question is answered, for there upon a door is a mystic sign ANZAC Buffet, we push open the door and look in, and lo ! London is forgotten for there around us are Australian faces, womenfolk from our own shores, the red cover of the good old "Bulletin" and other Australian papers blink back at us, there are numerous tables whereon a plentiful supply of sandwiches and cakes and cups of steaming tea and coffee, one of these kindly women attired in green overalls addresses "will we have something to eat" – will we have something to eat! Mon dieu ! ,my word rather. "Where would we like to go afterwards, a theatre? Scotland, Ireland, or what part of the British Isles would we like to visit?" Have I been polishing up some forgotten lamp? Once the property of one, Aladin by name? – "Perhaps we would like to write a line home?" on green baize tables is all the necessary equipment for those of us who feel so disposed.

I think a brief description of the work carried out in this one little patch of Australia will not be without interest. The Buffet first had temporary premises in a basement in Victoria St. from thence more commodious quarters were found at H.Q. Horseferry Rd, eventually

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