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We see a great number of donkeys here & they are very clever little chaps, no a bit silly

My darling Eddy,

How I should love to give you a big hug & kiss. Darling your letters are lovely and I'm always very delighted to get them. You are quite a clever boy writing your own name so well. Thank you very much for the two birthday post cards you sent me. I received the one with the Flags on my birthday & the one with the Pussies the day after. They are beautiful cards & it was very clever of you to send it just at the right time. I am much better was up yesterday for a while & feel splendid to-day. Hope Gran, Auntie & Mummie are quite recovered from the Influenza. Hope you are well. Fondest love & kisses From Auntie Eadle XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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