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[Page 8]

I saw her eyes as she came near.
Great Love, in that strange quivering light,
Burned through them with a steady flame
Her voice was low, yet I could hear
Her call his name.

She from her fears got no relief
And yet her face was dry of tears.
But when she kneeled beside the dead
For pity of some other's grief
She bowed her head.

She paused and eyed each sleeping one,
Her lips were murmuring a prayer,
Weaved round that name more audible.
Were he her lover or her son
I could not tell.

And with that glance she passed us by.
I turned, and watched her climb the hill
In one white burst of flame she shone.
Sharp out she stood against the sky,
And she was gone

The dark was drizzling when we woke,
And stood to arms. "Was it a dream?"
And still that question rang and rang.
Near bye a bird, as daylight broke,
For answer sang.

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