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                             28/7/16                                                                                          P.D F. Wills
                                                                                                                                          No. 31583
                                                                                                                                          84 Prov. Batt

Dear Mr and Mrs Dundas,
Just a line to let you know I am still alive. After 15 months fighting I am sent home here -  am shook all to pieces. I have been a lucky bugger up to now. But this last afair have done me up for a  time if not for ever. My nerves are all gone the least move make me tremble like a leaf. The other day as I was going out for a  walk with a nurse a cat jumped down from a fence that put me to bed for a week. I have had a bit of a pop twice but not much. I hope you and Mrs Dundas and your mother and all the boys and Mr and Mrs Gill and all are in the best of health. remember me to them all and tell Larrie S. I am still alive and hope to see him someday. I dont know where my Brothers are where they are dead or alive. They wont let me go home and when they write all my letter  got to be read. You take my tip and get somewhere where your boys are safe dont let them be soldiers on no account for what we have had to put up with in the war. I can never tell but of 2000 that was in my lot three months ago only 6 are left so you can guess what it is like. I seen the charge your chaps made about three weeks ago not many of them ever came out only they wont say much. Dont let anyone see this or read it or I shall be in for it. I am sending you my photo. I look about forty years old I feel a hundred. It no good writing to me yet, I will write again before I go  out again. I will let you know my adress then. So now must wish you all Goodbye and the best of luck, give my love to the boys they wont let me write anymore now so must close. With Love and Good Luck hoping to see you all someday. From your Friend    F. Wills  

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