Item 05: John Duncan McRae papers, 20 March 1917-27 September 1917 - Page 3

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proper ceremonial order & is carried out with a fine brass-band accompaniment. We march with fixed bayonets behind the band to the guard room & after exchanging salutes with the old guard, take up our post. The duty lasts for 24 hours, 2 on & 4 off. My post was just outside the cell door & I had to see that no prisoner got away & was armed with a short bayonet. We are not supposed to leave the guard-room for the period of duty & so as it is too small to sleep in we stoke up the old stove & sit around it like a number of Dante's dream-figures in the nether regions. We are well fed here on guard & receive tea during the small hours of the morning. At 2 in the morning another lad & myself (the lad was the one with whom I slept on "Suevic's" forecastle & about whom I told you) went to the cook-house for the bucket of tea & while there gave the cook the wink & managed to secure two cold bloaters apiece & with these & half a loaf of bread made a good supper for ourselves. I might

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