Item 03: Cameron Robertson war diary, 29 December 1916-3 February 1919 - Page 39

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(Address takes one side of the page)
James F Bennet
Care of Mrs M.A.Bennet
52 Belvidere St
East Perth
1587 Pte J.F.bennet
A Coy 48th Btn
Pte W.H.Walsh
B Coy
45th Battalion
3240 Leslie J Butche
A Coy
4th Pioneer Btn
we are all out there. It has been raining all day with intermittent showers of sleet. Gee! It always rains where we are to move. Nothing has been heard of Fritz but we are too far behind the line here to hear very much.
2nd Left camp at 8am for Fremencourt. It had been freezing all night & the roads were very slippery. Several times the Convey was hung up especially at Martinpuich where the roads (Gun pit road) were in a frightful condition. Eventually after passing through Le Sars, Beaullincourt and Bapaume we reached our destination at St RueHere the roads were in good condition except for the occasional crater

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