Item 03: Cameron Robertson war diary, 29 December 1916-3 February 1919 - Page 31

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he shook hands with me & said he was sorry it had not arrived but it would come later. He then thanked me for my services & handed me my ribbon. Left [indecipherable] at 12.30pm & reached Mametz (by motor via Albert) at 2.30pm. All night it rained heavily.
12th Rain has cleared off & the weather is much warmer. Nothing doing all day.
13th Wet and miserable. Mail from Australia. Wrote &readA.G. I am full up of quibbling.
14th Still wet and miserable. Nothing much doing. Fritz is still retiring.
15th Drizzle of rain. Few shells (big ones) being close.
16th Our aeroplanes go over

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