Box 6 Item 04: Edith S. Thistlethwaite postcards, 1912-1915 - Page 126

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My Darling Eddy XXX

I have just received your lovely letter with Mummie's & you are a very clever boy writing such a nice one to you auntie Eadle. Hope you will have a very happy Xmas and that Santa will bring you lots of presents.
You must give Grandma, Aunties & Mummie a big hug and kiss for me. Especially on Xmas morning. I shall be thinking to you and hope you will all have as happy a time as you possibly can. Heaps of hugs & kisses for your dear little self. This picture shows the road that leads to the Pyramids. O From OOOXXX Auntie Eadle

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