Autograph letter signed by Harley Matthews, written from Gallipoli Peninsula, to Bertram Stevens, relating to conditions at the front, 10 July 1915 and poem, 'The Quest of Love' for possible publication in The Lone Hand; and, 'Summer Song' - Page 2

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The bank where we sit might well be on of Sydney's lounge bars, except that the liquid dispensed is weaker & no bar-maid uses such language as the guard does. But the stories that buzz around it are just as startling just as interesting, & just as unreliable. Did you know that the Kaiser is carrying on with a woman? And the Crown Prince gets drunk too.
Water can breed arguments as well. There are always about 20 fellows arguing whether it was a German or British aeroplane that flew over this morning. Half saw red rings on the wings & the other half saw just as distinctly the German black crosses. And there is always a group of aerial experts arguing whether it was an aeroplane or a seaplane, a monoplane or a biplane.
The size of the shells that were flying about

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