Series 02: Anne Donnell diary, 29 December 1917 - 31 January 1919 - Page 27

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January 3 Thursday
This morning at 10.30 a.m. the noise from the Archies attracted us outside to see what was happening. What a sight it was There were several of Fritzs & one plane having a great fight above us. They scattered & dodged in & out above & below the thin white clouds, but not any came down. At 4 p.m. two of our observation baloons were up – when Fritzs' Archies started peppering at one and the two observers got frightened & came down in the parachutes. It was a pretty sight to see them.
Rumour says that Fritz has brought 50 more Divisions from the Russian front to this. I can picture us yet – going away with a rush or being Prisoners of War. 'Pessimistic still'

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