Series 02: Anne Donnell diary, 29 December 1917 - 31 January 1919 - Page 209

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October 23 Wednesday
arrange Sunday concerts for Aus. Soldiers at "His Majesty's". He says the Americans have concerts for theirs – so why not we for ours – one boy called out. "He's worthy of an Aussie anyway" - Sir Phillip McBride spoke a few words. Apol – for the absence of Mr Hughes and Hon. A Fisher. Mr Asche replied . Said he was an Aussie & it gave he & his wife great pleasure to have the Australians there that afternoon. Then he read out part of Germanys reply to P- Wilson – and knew how the Aussies enjoyed a sense of humour & they had done their part in bringing about that message to P.W. "The German Government trusts that the President will approve

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