Item 08: James George Tedder diary, 26 August-24 October 1914 - Page 1

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War Diary     Mjr. Tedder

[Each page has been stamped: No. 3 Bde. Coy. A.A.S.C. Divisional Train]

Broadmeadows.- Victoria


Took over Command of No.3 Bgd. Co Divl. Train.
Company consisted of 2nd. Lieuts McTuie - Keleher and Rigby - W.O. Savage - C.S.M. Hamilton, 2 M.S. Coppleston, Sec Sergts May & Dane, S. Sergts Howie, Partridge & Cooney, Farrier Sgt. Smith, S.S. Campbell (Saddler) & 109 other N.C.Os & men.

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