Papers relating to Australian Imperial Force, 1918, compiled by T. A. White - Page 19

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carry crape - our glorious dead would not suffer that. [Words in original French text omitted]

In similar circumstances, Judas Machabeus, the valiant champion of Jewish independance and of Jerusalem against the ambition of the Kings of Syria, on the morrow of a great victory ordered that the dead should be buried and that monuments should be raised over their graves in order to honor the bodies of the soldiers who had fought valiantly.

Does not the same thought come to you at this moment in confiding to the honor of your children, in order to teach them our courage, the flowers that they are going to place on the graves of the heroes who have given their lives for the independance of our dear Native Land and of the World? And it is the same thought which shall animate us also, when soon we shall be praying in our Church for their souls. For, as said again Judas Machabeus, "it is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for those who have died for their country."

In one of her prophetic visions our blest Jeanne d'Arc said: "The French, the English united will do greater things than have ever been done in Christianity". Well then behold the prophecy of our Saint realised. France and England united have been able to rally round them, in the defence of a just and holy cause, the liberty of Nations against the most terrible of tyrannies, the greatest peoples of the world. from their common efforts we see our enemies conquered, asking grace.

Still another effort, Ladies and Gentlemen, and it is being made at this moment, then France will be entirely reconquered, valiant Belgium liberated, our Armies on the Rhine - Final Victory.


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