Item 01: Sam Norris war diary, 1 February 1915 -1 May 1915 - Page 73

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an enemy' s aeroplane as to their number & to offer a smaller mark

1st May 1915 Saturday

On the 21st April we were all served out with 2 bags of 'iron rations'  €“ (1 bag) biscuits, beef & a tin containing tea, sugar & oxo tablets. Transports moving off all day. We started at 3 o' c & anchored with a few others on a bay of an island. Moved off again at 8 o' c p.m. & we had a little sleep. Up again at 3 a.m. Sunday & had breakfast. Land visible each side.

24th April

At daybreak saw heaps of transports & men of war near us. The 'Galeka' was nearest to the shore. On one side was Gallipoli peninsula & 2 large islands on the other (in the distance).

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