Copy of a letter received by Elizabeth Bligh from Henry Fulton, 1809 (Series 42.07) - No. 0001


Sydney, New South Wales

As you have had so many letters, & a copy of my Memorial to Lord Castlereagh detailing the shameful & scandalous treatment of Gov. Bligh & Mrs Putland unto the time of his Excellencys departure from Port Jackson for the River Derwent on board of his Majestys ship Porpoise I shall not here repeat it. At his departure he left in the form of letter sealed up & directed to the Masters of Ships & loyal Civil Officers of this Colony a Proclamation declaring the New South Wales Corps in a state of Mutiny & rebellion, & charging the Masters of Ships not to take from the Colony any Officer of the Corps, or any person connected with the Rebels, or supposed to be connected with them, as some whose names are therein mentioned. These letters he left with John Palmerley Principal Commisary, who accompanied by Charles Hook Esqr (one of the Partners of the house of Campbell in India, who arrivd at Port Jackson on the 25 June 1808 in the Brig Eagle from Calcutta) delivered them to the parties to whom they were directed on the evening of the 17 day of March last, on which day also the Governor sailed. For this they were tried before their criminal court or rather assassination Committee & Mr Palmer was sentenced to three months imprisonment & 50£ fine. They bore all their punishment in the common Gaol of Sydney, or rather persecution in a righteous cause.

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