About 1 hour after [starting?] we found ourselves on the [camp?] dividing the Creek or rather [running?] between it & the River, more beautiful forest cannot be conceived & in many places the [?] is equal to English Nature; it is [surprising?] to see by how much the [?] is improved by sheep [?] at an [?] station. We [crossed?] the Creek & soon came upon the [camp?] [?] with this most valuable [stone?] [laye?] Block of the finest description laying on the surface the hill stand by itself & wherever the most luxuriant soap is not [?] is in the [?] abundance, on the [upper?] side the [?] is bare of great thick [?] & now and then intersected with [?] of about 2 inches thick of the purest of [?] called I believe [Chaptalite?] [stalactite?] : this when [burned?] yields [?] [?] [?] the most beautiful [hue?] possible. We soon came up to [?] [?] beautiful Station which I have [?] noticed & still pursuing the creek, the land by no means determinating fell in with a [lay?] flock of Kangaroos on [?] [?] could not [hurt?] them : We have fancied from the direction we had been taking that we must [?] the north river opposite to [?] [?] we determined to take [?], after a few finall [camps?]. We saw what all [?] was a hill before his house [?] [?] upong the discovery & him upon his [?] to the fine [?] : just then we saw a flock of sheep and we thought we might as well for the [?] of the thing inquire from the Shepherd who told us to [?] [?] that we  [?] [?]

Pg. 13: The [river?] but merely upon the [hunch?] of the [?] we determined to push forward. the hills, [lozce? are?] beautiful & the [C/G...?] most romantic -- Range after [camp?] we toiled over Valley after Valley came [through?] abounding in the most superb [herbage?], but still no river, in the valley we were moving slowly when a flock of [Kangaroos?] came right to us without in the least [showing?] fear. All now was [heavy?] [?] : [?] days [?] Kangaroos [mixed?] to [?] no ne [?] knowing what to do: We [camp?] at [?] [?] we now toiled up a high mountain fown its almost perpendicular sides & came to a creek full of water a [?] days camp before us al which we must go which with some difficulty we overcame & then saw [?] [?] hills & to our great surprise [were?] [?] close to my fame. Still we had difficulties before us for in descending we had to make our way through a thick Mountain Bush which having done [?] turned off or his own home. & we came on altogether pleased with the excursion [the?] unanimous that now [?] was after [?] for such things [enjoyed?] my [dinner?] [?]
24 Sunday. [????] ride to [?] where we drunk [?] & raced home, sold 15 [?] for [?]
25 [??] 26 looking for Cattle
27 Mr Leed & [?] came to breakfast with me : [?] with them for some miles, on [?] [land?] & then came home direct having discorvered a new line of [?] [underneath?] the River [???]
[29?] [??] & could [hear?] nothing of the [???]
[29?] [?] think [?] four miles for a drop of [???????]

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